product lifecycle
We help you to master your products
and product lifecycle!


We help companies transform the way they master their products and product lifecycles. Here are some examples where we can help you:

  1. Developing product lifecycle management methods, ways to operate, as well as selecting, designing and implementing product related IT-systems
  2. Developing your product / service concept for more efficient product configuration and more advanced digitalized processes e.g. from product management to sales configuration, pricing, delivery and invoicing (PLM to CPQ to ERP to IB)
  3. Assessing the quality and completeness of your product related business data, enriching and fixing it for migrations
  4. Productizing your products for more efficient business operations, creating product definition methods and (re)defining your products for digital platforms
  5. Productizing and modularizing services for industrial scale, global delivery
  6. Developing product portfolio management methods and metrics
  • Each process is always based on the customer's need, situation and organization. However due to our long experience in product management we have developed many advanced tools and methods for the above-mentioned areas expediting our capability to deliver value for your business.
  •  Our goal is to be our customer's partner through the entire business transformation phase.

Krios Product Management is a valued and trusted partner among its customers. We are well-known for concrete and feasible deliverables that have genuinely changed the direction of companies.

"Krios has made our goal..."

Kevin McDonald, Founder of Secco Industries


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Managing Partner: Antti Saaksvuori
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