Krios Product Management is a consulting boutique founded by a team of senior consulting professionals in 2016. Currently our team consists of 10 seasoned experts with a history of proven deliveries.

Key part of the Krios philosophy is understanding business development, digitalization, business processes, business information and IT-systems from product management perspective. Each process is always created according to the customer's need, situation and organization. Our goal is to stay as a customer partner through the entire business transformation phase. Krios Product Management is a valued and trusted partner among its customers. We are well-known for concrete and feasible plans that have genuinely changed the direction of companies and made the desired change happen.

Core Team & Contacts

Contact: Firstname.Lastname(at)

Antti Sääksvuori

Founder and Managing Partner

Matti Juvonen


Janne Korkeamäki


Markus Harmaavirta


Henry Olsson


Teemu Mäkinen


Offices: Kappelikuja 6, 02200 Espoo
Managing Partner: Antti Saaksvuori
Tel: +358 50 353 9260