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©360° Product Definition

  • For any product - in order to be fully defined – there needs to be a complete, end to end product definition. This definition is created as an end result of the product introduction process.
  • In order to meet the needs of digital processes and the possibilities build into modern IT systems this product definition must be standardized and complete as well as fulfil the needs to the used business model.
  • Krios Product Management ©360° Product Definition Method is a comprehensive set of methods, tools and templates which fulfil the requirements of digital, scalable, IT-system supported complete product definition.
product definition




©360° Product Definition Method covers 6 key product definition perspectives:

  • Sell (How to sell? Configure)
  • Manage (How to manage, monitor, etc.?)
  • Use (How to use, access, support?)
  • Engineer (The design of the product)
  • Deliver (manufacturing, supply, delivery)
  • Service (For Service products vice versa)
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